Hull Counselling Services Ltd Equality, Diversity and Inclusion Policy

Last updated July 2023

Hull Counselling Services Ltd is committed to promoting and engaging with difference, inclusivity, and challenging issues of prejudice and discrimination of individuals and groups in relation to:

  • mental well-being
  • race, nationality, ethnic origin, heritage identity
  • sexual preference or orientation
  • gender and gender identity
  • disability
  • marital or partnership status
  • religious or spiritual identity
  • age
  • socio-economic class
  • political belief

Hull Counselling Services Ltd is committed to the eradication of any form of discrimination, including harassment or bullying, and believes every individual has the right to be treated fairly, with dignity, and with respect. Hull Counselling Services Ltd acknowledges that in an ever-changing world we need to be vigilant and continually re-evaluate our services offered to ensure that, to the best of our abilities, our best intentions can be accomplished.

Hull Counselling Services Ltd aims to support all sections of society and overcome potential barriers to any clients who seek our services, which includes a commitment to increasing awareness and developing a greater understanding of neurodiversity in the context of any therapeutic services offered.

If you have any concerns or feel you have been unfairly treated, please speak to us directly or email your concerns to info@hullcounsellingservices.co.uk where any concerns will be listened to, respected, and investigated to meet the individual’s needs and obligations of the Equality Act 2010.